Digital Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Digital Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Digital Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Digital advertising. Just another among the brand new, fancy buzzwords you ought to utilize sounding smart in meetings or perhaps could it be the genuine article?

Perhaps a much better question is: what’s electronic marketing and advertising?

This digital marketing manual is going to show you what is what.

Originally popularized as a term during the early 2000’s, digital advertising has actually been around a lot longer.

Like, WAY for a longer time. About hundred years more, to be precise.

Here is a pic of the very first electronic marketer in history:

gulielmo marconi

(Image source: Wikipedia)

His name: Guglielmo Marconi.

What? Marconi?

Yup. In 1896 he was the very first man to exhibit a, “public transmission of wireless signals.”

This dude created the radio.

Shortly after the little demonstration of his in England, morse indicators have been transmitted across water that is open.

Plus, while it will have an additional ten years because of the air to attain consumers, it certain did not consider the creators long to realize they would use it to sell stuff.

The very first live broadcast was out of an opera performance in the Met as well as guess what people did after it?

They purchased show tickets!

Digital marketing tactic was created.

I think you are surprised. I did not note smartphones, apps, Facebook advertisements or maybe blogs at all.

That is because digital marketing has absolutely nothing to do with the web.


In case you’re curious about what digital advertising is… it’s is marketing shipped through digital channels. Channels like social media, websites, search engines, web applications, email, mobile applications, or any brand new digital channel.

Or perhaps a less complicated version…

Digital advertising is some form of advertising products or maybe services that involves electrical devices.

That is the main reason it’s existed for many years (because electronic devices have) and also the reason it does not always have something to do with content marketing and advertising, Google ads, social networking or even retargeting.

Digital advertising is usually done both online as well as offline.

And, both kinds issue for a well rounded digital marketing strategy.

Why electronic advertising matters Remember billboards?

I do.

As a child in California, the experiences of mine through the rear seat of our automobile largely alternated between: “Mom, when are we “Uh and there?”, appearance, McDonalds, could we go?”, anytime among the ten feet billboards popped in place on the edge of the street.

Growing in place with Indian mother and father, the answer to both of the would, many times, function as the same: “Not yet.”

Sometimes, large brands would also begin a billboard war, this way one between Bmw and Audi, which got a number of laughs:


(Image source: BMW blog)

In 2015, a ton of my clients still spent a huge selection of countless dollars on billboard advertising.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it is old.

Imagine of it in this way, Facebook and Google produce much more revenue than virtually any standard media business since they manage more eyeballs. That is exactly why digital marketing matters, it’s exactly where the interest is.

The key reason why billboards, such as the people above, kick the bucket, is properly illustrated in a single picture of a Volvo.

Because, frankly, the potential future of driving will be as this:


(Image source: Dullonet)

Not a single passenger is going to spend their time exploring the street.

Do me a big favor, the the next time you drive and are giving a friend a drive, have a peek in the passenger seat.

Simply for one second.

Even today, chances are they will be looking at the phone of theirs.

Heck, in a community in which nine % of most owners are on the telephone one means or even the other (calling or texting), at any time during the day, how could we feel billboards have a world?

In case not the driver is checking out roadway any more, who is supposed to see those ads?

And, that is not even considering self-driving cars, on which both Google and Apple work (you know it is about to happen).

Elon Musk suggests that they will be right here around 2020. That is in just a few years.

That means you do n’t have time that is much to figure out this digital marketing stuff before you can energy down your outdated schooling printing press as well as close up store.

The share of individuals spending much more time using gadgets is just increasing from here.

With Americans investing 11+ hours on devices that are electronic, each and every day, there is not much left. That’s, until we invest All of the time of ours in the electronic world.

And, while yes, online advertising is the main reason that twenty five year olds could now sit in the living room of theirs and also earn two million bucks a year playing online games, offline advertising continue to has its location.

Let’s go for a helicopter and circle around to get an introduction.


The two major pillars of electronic marketing are internet marketing and not online marketing. Having said that, because I will talk about internet advertising in a separate manual, I will just mention the various areas of online advertising right here, for the benefit of completeness.

The 7 huge categories of internet marketing are:

Search engine seo (SEO)

Search engine promotion (SEM)

Articles marketing

Social media (SMM)

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Affiliate marketing

Email marketing Unbounce created a great infographic which sums up most kinds of online marketing in a single neat chart.

noob guide

(Image source: Unbounce)

The beginner’s manual to internet marketing and advertising, on Quick Sprout, is a fantastic spot to get going.

Okay, that stated, what additional electronic marketing is there? There is a lot, actually.

Listed here are the four big categories of electronic offline marketing.

For starters, there is what I call better offline marketing. This’s a form of promotion which is completely traditional, but enhanced with electrical devices.

For instance, in case your restaurant uses iPads for your customers to create the orders of theirs on, subsequently the in the real world experience of say, consuming Thai meals, is improved with this electric device.

Many have been using electronic media to enhance their advertising for years (you’ve simply forgotten in what methods, as you will see).

electronic media

(Image source: San Diego Tribune)

Then, there is radio marketing. The next time you notice an irritating, over enthusiastic automobile dealer shout each word of his or maybe her business, thank Mr. Marconi.

Naturally, we cannot forget about television marketing. Television ads have existed for much more than fifty years (and because 1953 additionally for color, nationwide – Yes, there seemed to be a period prior to color Tv).

Lastly, the fastest and biggest growing area of offline advertising, with admittedly also a great deal of flops, failures and busts: phone marketing.

Let’s take a look at the four areas in much more detail.

Enhanced offline advertising What is the big difference between a billboard anywhere in the wasteland of Arizona along with a billboard within New York City ‘s Times Square?

The size? The item?

Three letters: LED. Light giving off diodes.

All of the billboards inside Times Square are electric!


(Image source: Adweek)

Why? Since in the wasteland of Arizona, no one ‘s competing along with you for people ‘s interest. In case you’ve a billboard at many, you win.

Nevertheless, within Times Square, attention is possibly far more beneficial than anywhere else within the world. Over 330,000 folks cross through it every day.

In case you wish to be distracted, there is buses, taxis, promoters shouting & next, obviously, the electric billboards.

Several of them are actually interactive, showing living feeds of the people on the square or pictures of customers.

Renting a billboard spot on Times Square, for 12 months, will set you also a whopping 1dolar1 1,000,000 to 1dolar1 4,000,000.

Sounds costly? Wait until you notice the prices for Super Bowl advertisements.

What other types does enhanced offline advertising take?

What do you notice when you enter an Apple Store nowadays?

apple store

(Image source: Wikipedia)

People leaning more than iPads, iPhones and Macbooks.

In case you’ve some kind of electronic device, any item demo is a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy of yours.

Okay, the following one ‘s a great one. In case you remember this, you are able to consider yourself an extremely fortunate kid:


(Image source: Emuparadise)

This’s a demo disc just for the first PlayStation and a number of these were passed out along with other activities or maybe often even magazines.

It was exactly the same with Pc magazines. Remember when they arrived with CDs (and eventually DVDs) and also you could not wait around to throw them into the disk drive of yours and see what samples have been on them?

A bit different compared to a demo, these’re product samples in electronic format.

Many people still do this particular. Consider all of the wannabe rappers or maybe rockers in the hometown of yours, offering mix tapes and CDs and so most likely USB sticks, to help you to enjoy the music of theirs.

Alright, time to check out the category of electronic advertising that is most likely been all over the longest.

Radio marketing Over 100 yrs have passed since that initial very first living broadcast on the opera performance in the Met as well as guess what – radio is still here.

Because radio did pretty well in transitioning towards the internet, it has not taken as big of a knock as TV. And, even old school stereo still matters.

Several facts:

Radio still reaches eighty five % of the US public every week

Listeners listen two hrs each day, on average

Forty % of all the radio advertising expenses worldwide is from the US

About half the public on the US listens to internet stereo at least one time 30 days Now, while profits have shrunk, radio is not dead. Because of Pandora’s eighty million people, you may still find aproximatelly four dolars billion in profits made every year.

Nevertheless, aside from producing a kick ass, innovative radio commercial which is going to do very well, what different is there?

Not too long ago, internet radio made an excellent action, carrying out what many podcasts do: promote at the first of shows.

In case you host a show revolving close to a particular subject, like guidance, you are able to plug products and programs in, right before and also at the conclusion of the show.

Because social networking is the advertising darling nowadays, it must be pretty simple to locate a neighborhood stereo station, buy on a show, be interviewed or even negotiate an offer with them.

When you do, make sure to buy some sponsorships, to ensure you are a prime choice for the station and they provide you with the premium slot and also the very best air time possible.

In many cases, succeeding on radio suggests being entertaining.

Cadillac as well as Dairy Queen are 2 models that come up with good radio advertisements on a regular schedule.

You are able to pay attention to some examples here.

Tv marketing Television marketing is these a Goliath, it will probably certainly not go away. It is also easily the market where the most funds are used each year.

From the time Google Video transformed into Youtube, the effectiveness of Tv ads has gone down rapidly.

Exactly who would like to view a crappy MTV indicate multitude evaluation a game that they’ve little idea about, as they could enroll in forty million members (!) watching PewDiePie not just rock online games, but in addition provide hilarious comments.

All, totally free of charge, obviously.

So, how come Tv commercials almost worthless, when the common American still watches four hours of Tv every day?

They are not particular.

Television advertisements are unspecific. In a world of search engines, retargeting, social media and email marketing, we’re accustomed to being sold around products we currently care around, which we blatantly ignore all that is not remotely applicable to us.

In case we are able to possibly be bothered watching a film on tv, since it is not even on Netflix, an enterprise making five dolars billion in revenue yearly at this point, now remember what food we do?

We capture it so we fast forward through the commercials.

We are used to being in control that is total.

Marketers need to be smarter & smoother.

Tv ads just hit everybody across the board.

You can see a hemorrhoid cream commercial, accompanied by an Oreo advertisement as well as a burger area, all while becoming 22, diabetic, and overweight years old.

Such a person will be a terrible target to be watching these ads. Nevertheless, with Tv, you will never know who you are likely to reach, just how many eyeballs you will receive.

Thus, apart from a few insomniacs that observe infomercials late at nighttime, ensuring that Dr. Ho still offers a few of his de compression belts, is Tv marketing used?

Not totally.

There’s always 1 kind of Tv ad really worth running, though it will cost ya.

Remember I pointed out that leasing a billboard in Times Square, for 12 months, will establish you too a million?

A 60 next commercial aired throughout the Super Bowl will cost you 1dolar1 4.5 million.

Because of their cross pollinating effect, the frequently viral and memorable commercials continue to pay for themselves.

About ten % of all Tv commercial related shares on social media are available from Super Bowl advertisements. And so do aproximatelly eight % of all ideas on Youtube which visit Tv commercial videos.

If your business helps make it with the blacklist (commercials the system decides cannot be found on TV), the viral outcome is generally also better, this way person, out of Carl’s Junior, which caused a great deal of sound this particular year:

charlotte mckinney

(damn you, Charlotte McKinney)

Super Bowl advertisements have the highest retention rates, because this infographic shows. Over half of the participants that were asked recalled the Budweiser “Puppy Love” business.

What is more often, these commercials start to be online assets, generating large numbers of ideas over time, such as the renowned Star Wars business by Volkswagen, that has produced sixty two million views, to date.

vw (will the power be with him?)

Sadly, the hype of Super Bowl advertisements is probably more of a remnant out of successful period that is about to fade.

The 1dolar1 200 billion which companies continue to annually spend worldwide on TV commercials is hardly justifiable, as every 10th individual within the United States includes a Netflix bank account, with more to come.

Television, in the type as we understand it, is likely to die and will clear the way for the more custom tailored experiences we’re already being used to.

Thus, in case you do Plan on performing traditional digital marketing, I would recommend you invest the time of yours and also money concentrating holding a marketing platform or maybe channel of the long term.

This way one.

Phone marketing We still do not recognize this or give it almost enough credit.

Smartphones are killing it.

Today, more than eighty % of online users have a smartphone and also, throughout 2014, we crossed the tipping stage exactly where a lot more individuals are accessing online from their telephone than through a desktop computer Pc or perhaps netbook.

Mobile advertising is here, in 2016, and, the total amount spent on mobile advertisements will initially go over the total amount spent on desktop advertisements.

In 2020, there’ll be that much money spent on mobile advertisements as there’s currently spent on television advertising. How is that for quick growth?

Nevertheless, prior to we go through the kind of phone advertising that you are able to do for smartphone owners with an internet connection, let’s discuss several offline ways to promote the products of yours.

You will find 2 apps which are grossly underestimated, though they’re on every phone, not: or smart

Texting and calling.

Cold calling will be the action of calling a person without any prior contact and attempting to sell them anything.

While at about three sales each day (marketers call fifty two people one day, on average, with aproximatelly seventeen calls until they find a buyer), it does not have the scalability of social networking or maybe email, it is still a legitimate method of advertising.

The strategy works, but does not scale well when selling to end customers (Making contact and b2c) before looking to sell can help to shut the offer (especially inside B2B, which is all about connections).

What works better is marketing through texting, an “app” that’s also offered on every individual phone out there.

Offline or online, a content email is almost a guaranteed read.

While the MMS certainly tanked after the net started to be mobile and available data usage costs very little, texts continue to be a great way to reach folks and carry value in 160 characters or even less.

While you need to absolutely get permission first, for instance, in the type of having your clients text a certain term to a telephone number, you can find many providers that offer text advertising at scale.

Here are a few examples of how you are able to leverage text message marketing:


(Image source: Tatango)

Exclusive offers, coupons and deals are a good way for restaurants being extra clients and also turn walk ins into regulars.

You are able to see more examples of good restaurant text messaging campaigns with these.

DVD rental program, Red Box, pulled off of a successful campaign too. They allow their clients text Deals to 727272 in return for a gamble.

They would receive an arbitrary discount on their upcoming rented, between 1dolar1 0.10 as well as 1dolar1 1.50.

more than just ten days, they connected with 400,000 customers and also generated over 1.5 thousand text messages.

Using text reminders as customer care also can improve your mobile marketing and advertising, like Walmart does. They alert clients when their prescription is prepared for pickup. To date, they have sent more than one billion text reminders.

Yet another alternative is creating a loyalty program, in which the customers of yours are able to trade points gathered up in an app or even when having to pay via the phone of theirs. Only thirteen % of retailers have one, therefore it is a choice which will help you to shine.

Because ninety eight % of all of book communications are opened, and ninety % of them are opened within three minutes of appearance, text messages are also a fantastic chance to market a giveaway that you are doing.

Using a tool, including Heyo, you are able to quickly produce a giveaway that is enhanced for mobile and also works well on Facebook along with other social media platforms, this way one:


(Source: Facebook)

Nevertheless, there’s one particular part of mobile marketing and advertising that you need to almost certainly avoid: QR codes.

These bar code like pictures used to appear everywhere, a several years back and while a number of people still recommend them, they are virtually dead.

qr code

(Sample QR code by Wikipedia)

In 2011, just aproximatelly six % of cell phone owners within the US had scanned a QR code, most season. Plus, by 2012, ninety seven % of customers did not actually understand what a QR code was.

While I cannot be 100 % sure about why they were not the huge hit some wanted them to become, I suspect it is because the system was way too complex.

In order to check a QR code you would usually have to obtain a certain app, like Barcoo.

Then, the corresponding articles would open up in the app, which was usually not optimized for mobile.

Big brands also did not value the context of QR codes, placing them in extremely unfortunate locations, like subway stations without cell reception and on television commercials, wherever they had been merely apparent for a couple seconds.

And so, do not squander the time of yours with QR codes, your money and time is finest spent elsewhere.


That is the scoop on digital advertising. As you are able to observe, the web is, by much, not the sole place for entrepreneurs to assemble success, even these days.

Naturally, nobody is able to afford to overlook the chances on the internet and, ultimately, every marketer must learn internet marketing.

Nevertheless, employing a number of these offline marketing strategies are able to help you to not include all of the eggs of yours into one bin and diversify your lead development beyond social networking, the like and content marketing.

And the offline and online community is colliding. Traditional products like fridges, ovens as well as billboards will just about all be modernized to leverage digital media.

Here is the breakdown of digital advertising again:

Web-based marketing

Search engine seo (SEO)

Search engine promotion (SEM)

Articles marketing

Social media (SMM)

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Affiliate marketing

E-mail marketing

Offline marketing

Enhanced outside of the internet marketing

Electric billboards

Digital product demos

Digital product samples

Stereo marketing

Stereo commercials

Show sponsoring

Television marketing

Television commercials


Super Bowl commercials

Telephone marketing

Chilly calling

Text message promotion (giveaways, loyalty, coupons programs)

QR codes

I am hoping this guide expanded the view of yours a bit and demonstrated to you that digital promotion is much more than Social media and facebook ads blasts.

Will you utilize any of these techniques into your company?

Which of these can you recall from back in the morning. Have I missed any sort of?


Allow me to know your biggest takeaways in the commentary.